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3.5yold soiling and withholdings


I've been following this site for a while after my LG was diagnosed with constipation about 1y ago. She is finally wee trained on the potty but still having issues with pooing. She just doesn't like going(currently on laxido 1/2 everyday) she will do everything in her power not to go which leads to soiling (only minor) in her pants everyday It just feels like I'm fighting a losing battle with it. If we are at home it not as bad as I constantly checking her/asking if she needs to go and she does but only In a nappy. But she is at pre school. 4 days a week and I worry that they don't check her enough. So basically any tips on stopping the soiling in-between poos and getting them to admit they need to go. It's just so frustrating x

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Mine is similar - no longer constipated but afraid of the loo. I understand there is a "learned reflex" (so what used to be a choice turns into an unconscious thing) when they are scared to use the loo. So even if they want to their body tenses. Most things I have read suggest allowing pooing in a nappy, and just working on pooing deliberately without fear. We try morning, night and between meals. She has started doing a small poo but will often hold on then make a mess. It's not stool softness, but I'm just being really firm about trying to get her to poo deliberately daily. Bribes etc! She now poos daily but soils as well, frustrating when you just don't know how long it will last.

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thanks for your feedback. Yes the health visitor said we would have re train her brain into not being afraid of pooing on the potty. she now goes every night after her shower for a poo in her nappy ( which is progress ) yes we use alot of bribes in this house too but we are firm about if she needs a poo it has to happen in the bathroom which isn't always easy when ur out. Can sometimes take a while for her to relax enough. Hope u make progress too x

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