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Soiling help

Hi, my daughter is 4 years 9 months. She has suffered with constipation and soiling in the past however we never received much help with this. The soiling stopped last august on its own and she hasn't had any issues at all in the last 4 months. In the last 2 weeks she has been soiling again but now she is at school. I will call the doctors on Monday but i know it will be weeks for the next appointment, what can I do to help her in the mean time? Thank you for any help x

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SHe might be constipated again and withholding needing to go... meaning little bits of poo are sneaking out. Try getting her to sit on the loo for a ‘try’ about 20 minutes after eating and play some games getting her to blow bubbles or do deep breath puffs out. Make sure she feels secure with a kiddie toilet seat and a high step so her knees are nice and high. It really helps. You won’t get success first time but just keep trying and keep her relaxed. I’d give her some prune juice to help get things moving (my 4.5 year old will drink it, it’s mega sweet - just tell her it’s made of chocolate). And get lots of water and squash in her as well. Don’t panic - she’s managed to stop soiling before, she can do it again :) Good luck xxx


Thank you. I'm trying the toilet routine so we will see how that goes. Got some movicol today so I will start that too.

Fingers crossed she will stop again soon x


Great - glad you got some movicol. Consistency is the key to all of this so keep up the movicol and keep up the routine. Don’t worry if the poo seems a bit too loose to begin with. You might find she has a good couple of weeks and then regresses, that happened to us with movicol and i’ve seen others say the same. You can up the movicol if it happens. Good luck x


I just wanted to add that it's a good idea to have a chat to school, there seems to be a huge difference in how schools handle this kind of thing but if they're aware of her soiling they can help her change discreetly so it doesn't become an issue at school.

My son is just 5 and is currently going through a good phrase but we had this at the beginning of term, I don't know if it was change of routine but it took him a few weeks to settle down. I'm sorry i don't really have any advice but you're not alone and it will pass x


Hi, thanks for replying. Her teachers have been really good however she won't ask for help and will just sit in it but hopefully she will over come that soon with a bit of confidence. X


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