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Help ! with refusal taking liquid paraffin

My 9yo has been just given liquid paraffin after being put on dairy / soya free diet. She has tried on its own and in oat milk and just won't take it. I've suggested using smoothie. Now she's refusing to take it at all. She has ADHD and just shouts and screams when I try to pursuade her. I'm at my wits end . Does anyone have any suggestions? Thx!

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I am presuming liquid paraffin is for constipation, in which case perhaps something like lactulose would be easier for her to tolerate as its sugary so just tastes sweet. Not sure if it's comparative strength though.


Thx for comment. Liquid Paraffin has been shown to be more effective than lactulose in kids and is for short term use following dairy intolerance diagnosis . Aim is to get off it v quickly as shouldn't be needed once dairy out of system. After 9 yrs of problems the consultant paediatrician identified source of prob instantly ! Btw a piece of non dairy choc helps medicine go down ! Am trying to use alternate days.


Sounds barbaric and completely unsuitable. No one would want to ingest this:

"Liquid paraffin is considered to have a limited usefulness as an occasional laxative, but is unsuitable for regular use as it can seep from the anus and cause irritation.[citation needed] It can also interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins[citation needed], be absorbed into the intestinal wall[citation needed], and may cause foreign-body granulomatous reactions.[citation needed] If it enters the lungs, it can cause lipoid pneumonia.[1] "

Dangerous as well.



Thank you for comment. I too have read the pieces you have read but having endured years of probs and medication we just need to try to resolve. I'm not a medic so I trust our paediatrician who has a son with same probs . My parents are pharmacists who rarely advocate medicine so I trust their input too .


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