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Help with daughter

I am at my wits end with my daughter who is 5.5. Every so often we go back into spells of wee accidents. Nothing fixes it properly but we do have spells of no accidents. 5 accidents at school today.

When she is in this phase she does not empty her bladder properly then needs to go to the toilet dry quickly after & has lots of accidents. We are going to see the school nurse again but the response is sluggish & the teachers are putting pressure on. I don't have a magic wand unfortunately!

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Don't accept pressure from the teachers. That's not going to help at all. It's going to stress you out and your daughter. Have you told the School Nurse about how you feel? Mine told me she was there to negotiate if there was a problem between us and the school.

I'm lucky that our school have been understanding from when my son started last September.

Toileting issues aren't resolved quickly and the school need to understand that.

Have you tried going to a Pediatrician?


Thanks for the reply. I am going to meet with the nurse & will fill her in a bit more. Like you say it isn't resolved quickly. Did you try the watch alarm?


We tried everything.

We're now going into our fourth year and it's been an incredibly stressful journey. I could write volumes about what we've tried. 😆

He's under a Paediatrician now although we haven't heard anything since my son was discharged from hospital in February!!

It turns out he was very constipated for a long time which has affected his bladder and bowel. I think we're nearing the end but we're not there just yet.

The NHS don't seem to take toileting issues seriously. I've read a number of posts on here where GPs are not doing anything or the Paediatrician doesn't seem interested. It's so hard and stressful on parents and families.

Good luck with the School Nurse. Let us know how you get on.


Bless you i know how you feel. My daughter is nearing the end of receoption and it has been stressful. She has recently been diagnosed with chronic constipation but only after i paid privately for a paediatric physio who has a specialty in incontinence. I am hoping that in a few months with movicol and exercises to strengthen her muscles she will be improving but it is such a long haul. It is pretty much always down to constipation. I didn't take that seriously for years as my daughter was still pooing every few days but apparently this isn't enough. Good luck.


It does sound like your daughter is constipated which could definitely cause weeing accidents,through pressure on the bladder. We have been dealing with this since our daughter was three ,she is now eight. Sadly it doesn't seem to be something with a quick fix. Quantity of medications is so tricky to get right and lack of maturity hasn't helped in out case. School have a duty of care and must be helpful, another tricky point!! Good luck. Try watching a YouTube video by Sandra Hanson on treating constitution with macrogol (movicol).xx


I mean constipation der!!


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