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Help with Sodium Pico sulphate and movicol to help with soiling


I’m looking for some help. My daughter (will be 5 in September)followed a disimpaction regime about 6/7 weeks ago. This was her first disimpaction. It worked well and has lessened her soiling greatly but we are now in a cycle of 5/6 days with no accidents and then about 4 days running of constant accidents throughout the day. She will usually poo at bedtime and we have tried desperately to alter her routine in the hope of her pooing in the morning but this has been with little success. (She is starting school in September and know that if she could poo before school then she would be less likely to have accidents throughout the school day) she saw the nurse today who says she could feel a small blockage but it was not much nor too hard so suggested upping the dose of movicol for a few days. (She’s been on a maintenance of 2/2.5 sachets a day to achieve a type 4 or 5 poo). The nurse has also now prescribed pico sulphate as the senna didn’t work for her- it made the accidents even more uncontrollable for her and very unpredictable.

Do you think she would benefit of another full disimpaction?

Does she need a mini disimpaction? This was suggested but not really explained.

What are your experiences of using pico sulphate? Side effects? Is there a best time of day to take it to stimulate a poo in the morning?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to help her get into a routine of pooing in the morning shortly after waking or after breakfast?

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Hi please watch the poo nurses video there is also another good video the poo in you on you tube.I would slowing reduce it by half a sachet a day for 2 days if she still having lg on movilcoil we tend to give throughout the day when disimpaction but maintenance dosage I would give at night it takes eight hours to go.

Hi my little boy is on sodium picosulfate I give him a dose of at 3:30 pm and he will go then first thing in the morning between 6:30 and 8:00

Don't know if this helps. We used to split my son's dose of Piculate. We were then told to give it all in the morning so hopefully he would go after school and be cleaner in the day. Hence it would occur in a more controlled environment and hopefully reduce the stress.

We were using movicol and Piculate and trying to work out which one to reduce or increase is a minefield. I used to change one drug at a time. As a guide use the Movicol to get the type poo you want. If your child can't hold it back like it is coming to fast then look to reduce the Piculate. The Piculate stimulates the colon to contract. So it can give them stomach cramps especially on high dosages. But it's a double edged sword if they have got poo in the colon they can get cramps because the colon is contracting on something hard. If the colon is relatively clear and the dose of Piculate is to high then this can give them stomach cramps. I hope this makes sense and helps you.

I use Pico alongside Movicol. So our dose is 2 1/2 Movicol per day split 1 morning 1 1/2 evening. Then I use 5ml Pico Sunday late afternoon to aim for a poo Monday morning and 5ml Pico Thursday late afternoon to aim for a poo Friday morning.

Remember they do 2 different things; Movicol softens poo so that it's not hard. Pico is a stimulant which enables the bowel movement. This routine enables the poo to be a formed soft type 4 /5 and then the Pico helps stimulate the bowel to push it out.

Remember also to up fluids when using both especially Pico as this can cause dehydration.

We have had all but no soiling since on this dosage. And if she hasn't been at least every 2 days I give her an extra 5ml to get it out. Pico has been our life saver literally.

5ml is just a gentle dose to "assist" the bowel movement. I also use it for mini disimpaction every now and again. I use 10/15ml and this clears out nicely. Hope this helps xx

Hi, my wee girl has just turned 6, and is on movicol and pick sulphate. She gets it before bed and this can pretty much guarantee she'll go in morning. When we started it though, we did have a few accidents but we had upped her movicol at same time and were told to expect that. I think the instructions tell you before bed as it should encourage a bowel movement within 12 hours.

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