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A little ray of hope ?

Hi LKtoday ,

I'm so sorry you and your family and all the sufferers are going through this . I have a grandson of 8 and he's suffered since he was 4 months old All Drs offer are laxatives . We've had a particularly bad bout in the last 3 weeks After a weeks holiday he went 16 days 'holding on '.

My daughter in law then told us her Dad had been given physio to retrain him to use his muscles for bowel movements ! (In the USA )

I researched this straightaway and could only find one site that suggested this for children ( nothing in the uk !)

We did the two excercises they recommend and within a couple of hours he went to toilet !

He was so happy ( huge relief all round )

It may not help all children but it's so good to feel there's something practical for parents to help their child with , not just stuffing them with laxatives which have done nothing for my grandson in 8 years . It's a functional problem and children need help with learning how to use their muscles .

The website is called parents .com.

The article is called , The surprising thing that can help kids with constipation : Physical Therapy .

It's been 12 days since we started these excercises and he has been to toilet 8 times !! A miracle !

I wish you all well , keep persevering !

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Hi Topsym,

That's amazing, I will definitely look into this. Thank you for your advice & support!


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