Kid-size Disposable liners for soiling?

Hi folks, Can anyone recommend pant liners/pads for an 8-year old who has heavy faecal disimpaction? There are lots of pants for wetting and older person's size liners, we just need some kids' size disposable pads that are large enough to give him security for an hour at least. We're trying out women's night-time super panty liners at the moment, but there must be a better product for the job! Thank you.

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  • I have seen these I have no experience with them

  • there is also these

  • We use the dry like me pads for our 7 year old- same problem, and they are great. Makes our Daughter feel much more confident. Good luck

  • We also use Dry Like Me for my 6-year-old daughter. There are 3 types - we use 'Original' which are the least absorbent, greater absorbencies being more suited to wetting. They create a great barrier and result in far fewer pairs of knickers being consigned to the bin. Usually, they can be just peeled off, wrapped and disposed of.

    The Butterfly ones look interesting, I've never come across those. (I'm in the UK, and the retailers all seem to be in the US). A different concept, they stick to the bottom rather than to the knickers. Not sure my daughter would go for that.

  • We're trying different types at the moment for our son.

    We have tried dry like me but we find the coverage and positioning isn't great on those

    Maybe try a few and see which suits bests

    Our paediatrician recommended Tena men's xs pads. Currently we're using night time sanitary towels but had the Tena sample and they are better so will be ordering those next.

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