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9 year old, where do we go now?

My 9 year old daughter is been seen by the hospital consultant for daytime dampness and secondary nocturnal enuresis. We have tried lots of things including alarms, desmopressin and anticholinergics. We recently underwent video urodynamics to be told that the bladder is acting normally. I was trying to speak to the consultant but my daughter needed me. The consultant said there were still things to try but didn't get to tell me more. I have to wait until her next clinic appointment. Does anyone know what could be coming next?

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If her bladder is behaving normally now there's always the chance of t wasn't once but now she's used to what happens.

My just turned 9yo has been Day dry for two months now. We stopped all drugs a year ago, we still have a poo routine to ensure she doesn't get constipated. What changed? Well I truly believe that there used to be a problem due to constipation , she's fine now and all it's in her head.

I tried Alicia Eatin's "Words That's Work" on my daughter. I can't know for definite that that is what made the change , it's maybe a coincidence but worth a try for the cost of a paperback.

And regardless of if it works on its own or not, it definitely helps me deal with my daughter


Hi cazzybookworm, sorry for the late reply. Been a bit hectic. What exactly is it in this book that you think has had an effect? Is it a book for the child to read themselves or a book for parents?


It's for you to read and it's about how we talk to our kids. TBH I was very skeptic so but my friend had a total win with her son with Eatons stop bed wetting in 7 days.

My DD doesn't have night issues, only day. So I gave WOrds That Work a go. TBH it has some good tips that have worked for me - it's just abut using positive language to talk to our kids.

It's not hyphotherapy. To be clear because some people think that's what she does.

It's just how we use words.


Hi, I kind of keep banging on about this on this forum because I'm so relieved I found the answer for me. My daughter had the same problems but I coincidentally found out the entire problem was caused by a reaction to fabric softener!!! I've commented on a number of posts about it lately but it's been the cure for my daughters issues with wetting. I'm not saying this is the answer for you but it's worth a shot at cutting it out. The doctors couldnt explain it medically but two days after washing all her clothes the wetting completely stopped!! I only use non bio (fairy POWDER) on her clothes! I don't know what they put in it but the only thing I can think it could be is it was causing an irritation to her bladder or maybe an allergy to it. Might be worth a shot. We've been dry now 3 month after constant leaking,dribbling and bed wetting!


Wow Wagamama!!! I love these happy endings! So pleased to hear it is the end of the misery for your family. I agree that it is definitely worth a try. Just out of interest what fabric softener were you using? I also use fairy non bio powder but I use ecover softener.


I used comfort.

Initially, over the years,, I didn't use any as my daughters skin was dry if I used any softener, bubble bath etc (tried them all!) and we had no wetting issues, but as skin improved I then started using comfort again and within two days, the wetting started! Didn't realise what caused it initially (long story, see my previous comments) but after 6 weeks of wracking my brain of what had changed to make her have this problem I had this idea, Two days later it completely stopped!

I've put the story on other posts so have a look st my comments but even if it's not the softener for you, could it be another intolerance/allergy that's causing it? Bubble baths? Food, drinks, additives, fruits? I know these things can irritate the bladder... I just can't help but think there's a real cause for all these things.... when the drs can't see a problem with the mechanics of the bladder, then there's got to be another explanation ,it's just a case of pin pointing it... and it sucks trying to find it! I feel your pain...

Fingers crossed


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