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at what point are accidents something to worry about?

My daughter is 11. She wet herself playing on a seesaw after being bounced hard. By 6 all my other children stopped with wetting. Every academic year she has accidents. Last year (year 5) she did it twice! In the lunchline and in the middle of a dance lesson. She's very embarrassed by it. Doctors say she's fine medically. I've told her she's too old for accidents and needs to start listening to her body when she gets the urge

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How often does she go for a wee during the day? Are there any issues with the loos at school? My (then) 7yo lost the urge to go to the loo as her body got so used to holding in the wee. Yet if I realised she hadn't been to the loo for a while and I asked her if she needed a wee, she'd say no but if I then asked her to sit on and try (i.e. we were going out), invariably she'd have a wee.


Like I said it's not a regular thing but it bothers me. She's too old for it. Way past the accident age.


Have you tried to explain pelvic floor exercises to her, there is an excellent leaflet on here, also measure what she drinks to what she is voiding out as she may be retaining residual urine in her bladder. Try to get her to drink a big drink 200ml every hour through the day and go to the loo at least 6 times during the day to retrain her baldder. If this still doesn't help she may have an unstable bladder and may require medication for this so would need referral to your specialist enuresis clinic, regards Paula Specialist community public health nurse/enuresis nurse


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