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Discreet bedwetting pants

Hi, my son is 6 and has had problems with daytime soiling up until recently. He is still very wet at night and at home he wears the huggys dry nights. He has got a residential school trip coming up and also camping with beavers. I am very worried about him being ridiculed for wearing them as they look like a nappy. Is there anything else that anyone could recommend? He is away for 2 nights. I don't want to make a big deal of it to him because he has really turned a corner with the soiling and I want him to feel positive about the changes he has made. Many thanks xxx

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I can only comment regarding night time wearing of pull-ups. My son has attended Beaver camp when he was younger and more recently a 3 night residential with the school when he was 10yrs and needs pull-ups at night. My only advice is speak to the leaders and school staff that will be going on the trips with your son. I spoke to ours in confidential before hand and we planned a routine in which my son could use the staff toilets to change into and out of pull-ups last thing at night and first thing in the morning and leave the nappy sack with used pull-ups in the staff area for them to dispose of discreetly. They were very helpful and took mine and my son's concerns very seriously and were very professional and handled the trip with discretion and understanding. It put our minds at rest and the whole trip was a success. The other boys in the dormitory did not know anything and were oblivious. My son put his dressing gown on over the top of his PJs to hide the bulky appearance of the pull-ups when go to and from changing. My advice is to set up a meeting with the leaders and staff to discuss how it can be handled sensitively for your son and so he can go and enjoy the trip without unnecessary worries - and to help you with your worries too! Good luck .


Following as we have the same issue with our almost 6 yr old - I also find that pull ups don't always contain all the wee, even with lifting him an hour or so after he goes to sleep. I found these that look like they could be worth a try, although I'm sceptical that they'd keep our boy dry...

Interested to hear if you find anything that works!

Hope the trips go well. The suggestions from @Noodle6 sound good.



Thanks for your replies. I will speak to his teacher about it and look into the pj shorts. I really don't want him to be held back from having fun experiences because of his bedtime wetting.


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