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10year old soiling pants daily

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Hi all. My 10 1/2 year old little boy has been soiling himself now for three years. I have seen the gp who said he would grow out of it...it hasn't happened. Tonight it has come to head. He has been hiding underwear putting soiled underwear straight into the washing machine incase we seen them. He had admitted it's every day he does it & broke his heart with embarrassment.it smells really bad his poo on every occasion. Had anyone else been through this? I'm back at the gp tomorrow we need answers

5 Replies

Hi Rachzayn,

For me, this is like looking in a mirror, except for us its been going on longer than 3 years and I guess I should be glad that my son isnt hiding his underwear- in fact the opposite, he has a complete lack of regard for his accidents but that's another story.

We've been on a long journey as after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between the ages of 4-5/6 he was finally diagnosed with chronic constipation. Even the paediatrician we saw initially didnt pick up on this. It took an xray to show the extent of his constipation (which was huge).

This was an eye opener as it meant we hadnt been treating it properly and led to the problem worsening (his colon had extended to make room for the constipation & he was suffering overflow- where some poo leaks around the main blockage & into his underwear).

I implore you to seek answers. I'm not a doctor but if this has been happening a while and his poo smells bad, it sounds like it may be the same problem. Whatever the problem is, it needs addressed sooner rather than later else it may be compounded and harder to deal with.

Don't allow them to fob you off, ask to be referred to a paediatrician & if necessary get him an xray. I work with GPs, saw countless GPs & a paediatrician, they all felt his tummy, none of them picked up on the real problem until the xray.


Hi, it is heartbreaking that some GPs 77are still adopting the "do nothing, he'll grow out of it" approach. The anxiety and embarrassment these children go through is something we wouldn't put up with as adults. We were told by a paediatrician that it was very common and our son (then 10) wouldn't be embarrassed as in her opinion children didn't get embarrassed at that age!

Fortunately we had a paediatric continence nurse who fought his corner but was severely hampered by the lack of interest/concern of those around her. We have since moved to a different area of the country and our son has recently turned 12, at last his condition is being taken seriously and he has a great team of hospital and community nurses looking after him. Like you we were getting soiled pants every day as well as daily wetting, so far this has been put down to chronic long-term constipation (although we didn't know he was constipated as he should no real signs, he had no obvious pain at the time and was going to the loo for a poo regularly etc). He now uses a Peristeen anal irrigation system every morning and we titrate Movicol daily according to his condition. He also takes Tolteradine twice a day to help with the wetting and Sodium Picosulfate at night.

Sorry I have rambled a bit, what I'm trying to say is ask your GP for an urgent referral to both the community paediatric continence team and if possible the hospital, although the community team can do this for you once you're under their care. It sounds as if your son may be badly constipated and the soiling possibly due to the seepage that occurs around the hard backed up poo. Whatever the cause it is important for his sake that he is assessed and receives the support he needs, don't let your GP fob you off, it is not normal for a 10 year old to soil themselves daily and he deserves help and some respect. Good luck.


Hello Rachzayn,

I have experience a very similar situation with my 11 daughter and in recent months went through the whole 'soiling and hiding the evidence' scenario. When we challenged her about this behaviour she said she feels 'stupid that this happens to her' and didn't want to 'make us angry' by telling us which made us think about the way we reacted to soiling. We thought that we weren't upset about soiling but were angry she was hiding it from us and in our eyes not facing up to what was happening. Now, after reading extensively on this site things have changed. She now knows to let us know if she has had an accident and we deal with clean up - she is not at fault and we as her parents take responsibility for the laundry, hence I am now a Laundrymaid.

As for her situation, she has suffered severe constipation from birth. About 2 years ago she was diagnosed with urge incontinence. Daily she takes Movicol and oxybutinin. This year, after the constipation had long stable well managed period, she went back to daily soiling which it turn resulted in several UTI's. All her meds have been increased by the GP and we are waiting to see a specialist. *In the meantime the best thing we have done for her is started her in daily probiotics* and always encourage him to drink more water.

I wish you the best of luck with the GP. Make sure that you mention how you think your son is handling this. I think it is really important at this time growing from childhood into a teen that how your son feels is taken into account by the Doctor.

I wish you and your son, good health & stay strong.

The Laundrymaid xx


Bless you look on google and type in the poo nurses and watch their video it helps you and child understand the bowel and how when you have a blockage how poo can leak round and why kids soil pants.gi back to doctors and tell them you want help ,it's affecting your child emotionally and you want to be referred.type in google nice guidelines for treating. Instigation in children and take with you.doctors should be following this.it breaks my heart when I hear people going to Drs and being told they will grow out of it,yes they will but with help understanding and medication.my son is 13 we are in the second year of dealing with this and have had better advice from here and Facebook forums than the medical people.my son is getting there but has had an horrendous time with being at secondary school and other people's lack of understanding.your child needs to have a disempaction but you really should be told that by gp.thus involves taking lots of movicol over a week to clear the blockage,when poo runny titrate down and will have to stay on meds while bowel heals.the bowel looses its tone when it has been full and affects muscle control and nerves.sometimes a stimulant meds like dulcilax needs to be used to help the bowel work.hang in there but stick to your guns when you go to doctors.big hugs x

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Thank you, you have explained more in your reply than I've had info from the GP. I will follow your advice too. I am definitely being fobbed off by the GP. My son is 11... growing out of it... isn't happening/ helpful. THANK YOU.

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