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Bed wetting regression

Hey all

My nearly 3.5 year old boy has started wetting the bed again.

He's been dry during the day since 22 months and dry of a night for nearly a year with the odd accidents at nighttime.

Just over a month ago he reverted back to wet beds every night for about 4 weeks and now we are 50/50 with dry and wet beds.

I use pampers bed sheets to help save on washing and lift once a night before I go to bed.

Any advice would be appreciated - or am I worrying for no reason.

Thank you x

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Try not to worry yourself too much he's still very little and done very well to be dry early on. If this persists I would see your gp for advice, but your doing the right thing with the bed pads. Has something changed recently in his routine That could be a trigger? I'm afraid I can't be much use my son wet when he needed to poo rather than wetting by accident. Best wishes.


Thank you. I'm just so upset it's really getting me down.

He moved groups at nursery back in February but that's the only real change.

I'm lost as to what to do. He gets so upset when he wets and I try so hard to not let it affect me. 😢


I empathise completely I used to get so upset with myself for not being able to helping him and upset that he was too.

Praise him for the nights he's dry and maybe a sticker for those days and see if it triggers him to try harder.

I know it's easy for me to say but try not to worry and get worked up at the moment as things stages change so quickly when they're young.

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