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Hi & help please!

Hi, I'm new here and at my wits end 😩 I have 5 children, a 10yr girl, 8yr girl & triplets GBB who turned 5 last week. I toilet trained the triplets 2yrs ago, the little girl just got it within a few days but it was the boys that took a long time to stop having accidents etc. By 4wks in they wanted no nappies at night, I went with it after my older two being 5.5yrs & 6.5yrs before being dry at night. Between the boys they had accidents at night on and off but the little girl she cracked it and I had so much confidence in her that I knew she would be dry at Pre school pick up and in the mornings. Then over a year ago the tables turned, the boys just got it and the little girl slowly went backwards. Bowels seemed to play a part, even as a baby hers always seemed slower than the boys. Anyway, she constantly has accidents every single day without fail and back in pull ups at night. They started school in sept but it all started way before starting school. 80% of the time it's the beginning of a wee, sometimes big sometimes small and can always do more on the toilet after, it's like she doesn't get the signal she needs a wee. The fact that she was dry day & night with no issues at all for over 6 months and now this, I'm just at my wits end and I'm waffling, I'm so sorry, I just don't understand it all. We are on movicol, one sachet a day and even gone up to 4 for faecal impactation, at the time I thought it made a difference and even had two dry days and thought we had dealt with the problem. We have had one paed appt and have another follow up next week, but initially told it was just a phase, she's had a scan, bladder and kidneys look fine, we've got an appt with the school nurse to help with support, hv is involved for support, I just don't know what to do. I'm sorry, I just need somewhere to talk with others who understand! Thanks for listening, Georgie, X

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Hi just wanted to give my sympathy. My daughters issues are constipation so not the same. Really hope that you get some good medical help and advice. Good luck xx


Hi again have been thinking about you today and maybe the wee accidents are caused by the constipation. Have a look at the YouTube video by the pooh nurses called tackling childhood constipation and soiling with macrogol (movicol) laxative. We went on a course that they ran and found them very helpfu. Just thought it might help you a bit.l know it's really frustrating but try not to worry about the Pullups at night you've got enough to cope with without worrying about that. I'm the eldest of five last two were twins and know how hard my mum worked. I've got three grownup sons and fostered 48 children. We adopted our little girl and she has the issues but even after all these children we struggle to cope with this!! X


Sending hugs and sympathy. Can't give any advice on the constipation issue but we've found a vibrating watch really helpful for our 5 year old who also seems to have gone backwards on the wee front. It reminds him to go when we're not there to do it (e.g. when he's at school) and saves lots of arguments when we are there - as understandably he hates us nagging him to go! He still has the occasional big accident and pants are still damp-ish by the end of the day most days, but it's so much better than it was. Worth a try maybe? We got a Malem one from the ERIC online shop - not cheap (about £50) but worth it for a bit less wee stress! Good luck xx


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