Need some support please

Hello, Is there any other pages anybody knows of . I was told about this group from my nurse and i cant seem to find the link for the teenage chat page, as im looking for a group page that i can talk to teenagers that have similar problems to me x

Because nobody at my school seems to understand and its hard talking to friends about it x

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Hi sweetheart, I was offered a place to look called "the mix" it's specially formulated for people under 25 to share stories or speak about their health problems. Hope this helps, I was looking for my 12 year old but she's still a bit young at the moment but It benefits you, good luck xx

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Hi can't see the link but you could try calling Eric to talk and ask them: this is info from the website:

please call the helpline run by ERIC, The Children's Bowel & Bladder Charity on 0845 370 8008 (charges apply) or email (the telephone helpline is open Monday to Thursday 10am - 2pm).


I've just had a look at the ERIC site and there are pages specifically for teenagers there but no chat forum that I can see. Maybe email ERIC to find out if there is one. If there isn't it sounds like this is a missed opportunity to help you and others in the same boat. Really hope you find something that helps.


Unfortunately we were unable to keep our website forums when we updated our website. We did survey our users and found that our boards were quite frustrating and old fashioned to use hence why we now have our HealthUnlocked page. For our children and teens they will find support on and You are also very welcome to email us at Natalie@ERIC


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