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Hi, I'd really appreciate any advice as finding things really stressful. My daughter is 4 1/2 and having problems with soiling. Started last summer and saw specialist after a few months who prescribed picolax and senna to disimpact in December. This seemed to work and she had almost no soiling for 2 months, with no medications, however a few weeks ago it started again. Usually once or twice per day, sometimes she does go to to toilet but sometimes she doesn't seem to be aware. Dr press 4x movicol a day for a wk then 1 per day maintenance. She seemed to clear out with the high dose but now been on 1 per day for 1 week and still soiling most days. Could the movicol dose be too high and making this happen as stools def looser, or I'm wondering whether she's not fully cleared out.... Really worried as she starts school in September and want to get sorted before then if possible....

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It is confusing and hard to tell with movicol sometimes. From my experience if you think she is cleared out I would suggest lowering movicol by a teaspoon (remove when it's made up) and see if that does anything. Then perhaps another teaspoon.

I found movicol caused my daughter to soil slightly although it also helped keep things softer.

The other thing that helped my daughter was taking senokot alongside movicol, she used to take 5ml of senokot every evening and about 3/4 sachet of movicol. This helped her a lot. The senokot pushed the softer poo out, and I think stopped any bits leaking out involuntarily. She stayed on this dose for about 6 months then slowly weaned down to nothing.

If you have had senokot before then perhaps ask the GP about using it again.

Also toilet routine made a big difference. Toilet time after dinner/before bath. Just sitting for 5 mins at least, read a book, anything to keep distracted. Doesn't matter if no pooey comes out it just encourages regularity by sitting.

You still have time to make progress by September. Try not to get too stressed about school starting (easier said than done I know) I was in the same predicament with my daughter in the Easter prior to her starting in reception and was beside myself with the stress of school looming. Schools are generally used to issues like this and as long as you are open about it and discuss it with the teachers then hopefully they can help 😊

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Heya, I've just gone through this! my daughter was on 2 sachets a day and suddenly started soiling herself! Completely out of the blue! I took her down to one for a day and then none the next.... Then 1 the following day and its all stopped! Keeping her on 1 from now on... Or I might try 2 every other day... I'll see how it goes....


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