Sickness on Desmopressin

Has anyone else's little one experienced sickness on Desmopressin? My 6yo started on it last weekend but seemed to have picked up a bug from his sister on the Monday. I missed his tablet for that day because of the vomiting but after being back on it for a couple of days he has vomited again this morning. I'm not sure wether to keep going or wait for a couple of weeks to make sure he is well clear of any bugs.

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  • Spoken with doc who recommended to stop the medication and wait until his system is properly clear of any bugs.

  • Hope your all of your family are now free from bugs & your son can settle back on desmopressin, x

  • Yes thank you BuumblesMum, all the bugs are gone. We have decided, however to not resume the Desmopressin until Easter at the earliest, just in case it does cause any sickness. In the meantime, we are going to order a night alarm and try things the more natural way first.

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