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Wet every night


Can someone help me with what my next step should be. My son is 9.5 and wet every night and YES the constant washing is a nightmare.

We had an appointment with the nurse and he was given some pills to try but this seems to make it worse. I have tried to contact the "school nurse" again but get no response- what or who should I try next?

Any help greatly appreciated

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Hi -my son is 13 and has always wet the bed at night. Our doctor finally referred us to a consultant at Evelina Hospital last year after trying pills and even a hypnotherapist I was so desperate and after some bladder scans and recording how much his bladder holds they discovered he actually has a small bladder for his age. He has no problems in the day. He has to drink lots to stretch his bladder and definitely no fizzy drinks as they upset the bladder. Had a check up in July and he has improved by a third but still a way to go. he still takes desmomelts but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It can also be a hereditary condition as in our family. Hope you find some more help.

That sounds so frustrating! When did you get the pills? Do you have a follow-up appointment or anything arranged?

Annoying they haven't got back to you... at my local school nurse service they don't pick up the phone but if you leave a message they ring back, don't know if it's something similar? Otherwise can you get hold of the manager of the service or something, I don't know?

Totally hear you on the laundry, it's AWFUL!

Hi again, make sure your son is drinking adequately through the day, ain for 1.5 L before coming home from school, then only a couple more drinks and stop an hour before bedtime. No fizzy or dark drinks such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, blackurrant. Double void before bed that is do a pee, brush teeth then do a second pee, as he is a boy encourage him to sit down to pee at home as he is likely to empty his bladder more completely. Aim for 2.2L of fluid a day. if you are doing all of this he could try a pyjama alarm to see if him being woken as he starts to pee helps his brain start to recognise the full bladder need to pee signals, and the final step would be desmomelts, this would give him the chemical we all make that helps us stay drt povernight, it is better in the desmomelt form as opposed to the desmo tabs, but there are some very important do's and dont's for desmomelts. He must stop drinking at least and hour before and absolutely no fluids for 8 hours after or he can become very poorly. Hope this helps, regards Paulap

Hi there just wondered if you'd had any luck with contacting school nurses yet? If not can I suggest going back to GP and asking for them to help you get some proper help? Sometimes people fall through the gaps of the admin systems unfortunately (we did, over and over again). What I learned from our situation where we kept getting lost from the list and referred to the wrong places - it was a real pain tbh and took a really long time to resolve although it now has been - is you might need to be pretty persistent and keep asking for help. The School Nurse Manager helped me out in the end and got things straightened out.

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