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Long dry spells always followed by 1-2 month wet every night again for years


My child age 10 has had trouble with bed wetting for years, never gone for more than 3 months dry at night his whole life. The strange bit is he can be dry every night for a good long period like this but has for years always gone back to the odd night wet to start with, then every night again, which can go on for 1-2 months, before going back to dryness again. I'm stumped! We've tried alarms (which he doesn't like, desmomelts and oxybutnin(which he's still on and also hates taking them.)

Has anyone else seen a pattern like this , any help greatly received. We've been to the bed wetting clinic, but not a great help there.

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Yes us! My son is 8 the longest we have manged is a month dry after stopping desmomelts... The nurse discharged us despite the fact he can be dry for a few weeks then starts wetting every night... We don't do anything different... I can't explain it... We are now trying to get back onto the desmomelts and back in to see the nurse....

This time he's so embarrassed by it all... He hates it and as such starts behaving badly its all a knock on effect.


Hh19 in reply to Jennier60

Thanks for the reply Jennifer, we've had this pattern even before he started on medications, always a few months dry then back to wet again. After a month or so wet back to dry again ?!

Don't understand it, he has now been dry a good few months on meds, but as he's now about to be 11, would like to come off them . Plan on doing this in summer hols, so will keep you up to date with how that goes .


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Hi Hilary

We had dry spells before starting tablets but not as long... They tried to give us an alarm but as he can be dry for some time and u get a 4 week time frame it wouldn't be a solution...

My son can be a worrier although often u would never know so I sometimes wonder if that's anything but if I ask him he can pinpoint anything...

Good luck in the summer.. Hope it goes well xxx

Hh19 in reply to Jennier60

Hi Jennifer

Last thing I need to say is Son is lactose intolerant and dairy allergic, but doesn't always manage to avoid it as he has developed a taste for chocolate, after well meaning family members think he's missing out and "treat" him with the odd bar . Sometimes think that's having an effect I.e. If. Peel is upset , bladder will be too .Don't know if that rings a bell with you ?

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Aww that's tough for him.. :-( No luckily no allergies that I know off here... However our wet nights certainly increase with illness..stress..holidays...going back to school.. So does seem to impact the bladder... Tablets started again tonight... :-( xx

Yep! My son was dry for MONTHS from potty training, he started wetting when we stopped his naps in reception year.

Since then we've had three times on the alarm. He can go a couple of months without it going off, then maybe a dibble will start it, then maybe a week later soaking wet.

There is no pattern what so ever! It's been about 10 days since the last wet hit prob six weeks before that 😏

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