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Penile Injections


Good Afternoon Men!

I’m a month down the road from surgery. I have read( good and not so good )about the results ofpumps and injections . I’m really tentative thinking about penis injections. Do you actually learn how to inject your own penis as the doctor instructs/observes?


Chicken Little!

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Chicken Little,

You can get instructions, but you can also learn from illustrations that come with the meds. Yes it sucks, but being able to have intercourse after the cancer is removed outweighs any inconvenience of a tiny needle stick. You'll get the hang of it. And can actually have better sex then before. My wife and I usually have good 2 hour + sex "sessions" twice a week. One thing for sure, you have to be all in with your wife! Up front and honest, she has to be part of the process, spontaneous sex is not the thing here. You will have orgasms, and still be hard to go again and again...get some toys, a swing, etc to have fun play time. Yes I do miss one and done sex, but this is how it is for now. I am 16 months out, showing some signs of erections coming back, but it a slow process. Hope you get over the fear, cuz some great sex can be had!

GottoGetBack....glad to hear you're seeing some nerve healing and progress with the erections. I am 21 months post-RP and feel like my patience may be paying off too. Nocturnal erections are more frequent and getting stronger, but still loving my trimix!

I am using Protaglandin E1 injections with great success. You get used to it and like was said your wife has to be on board because there is no spontaneity. But still great love making.

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