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ED and other options..

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Hi all..I'm in the uk and need advice on penile implants..what does the procedure involve..how do they work..any side effects..any problems that can occur..and normal day to day life with them..I'm thinking forward really..it's been 12 months since my nerve sparing robotic..taking tadalafil 5mg daily and sometimes in bed I have fantastic erections but with a new woman I've met..nothing so could be a confidence issue..any reply would be great..

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I have a penile implant. It is fantastic. However, the penile implant is a "final frontier," as it is often referred. The corpus cavernosa is removed, so erectile function in a natural way ceases and can never return. If you are getting fantastic erections I would avoid getting one unless things change. If you can get erections naturally I would wait until at least another 12 months to see how things go. In my case, I had absolutely no erectile response for 27 months after my radical prostatectomy. Pills did absolutely nothing and Muse and a few other remedies caused painful unusable erections and headaches. As a result, I went with a Coloplast Titan implant. It has changed my life. I no longer have ED.

The only side effects are pain, which varies from person to person. It effects your demeanor; as you regret the procedure initially. However, when that wanes it is nothing but positive in my opinion.

This is a judgement call, so it remains a personal decision. One criterion that finally swayed me is when my urologist told me that erections in the manner prior to my operation will never be the same. Now they are far more powerful than even in my twenties.

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Thanks for your reply. I'm just looking at worst case scenario..I had a t2c tumour and the cancer was confined inside..after the op the surgeon explained that all went well and both sets of nerves were saved so good new there..I'm on tadalafil dailies and I use the pump every other day which the pump alone doesn't give me an erection just keeps it healthy but I did try the pump last night with a ring for the first time and better results. About 8 months before my op my wife passed away at 48 so I've had no intimacy since then..I've recently met someone and even with the daily tadalafil nothing much rises but I think a lot of it is in the head and maybe unbeknown nerves..I have had some real good erections over the past few months so things are actually working so it's probably a confidence issue..one thing that I have noticed the orgasms are more intense and better than before for some reason..so all in all maybe I have more positives than negatives..

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Then I would definitely hold off. You are hearing this from someone who has an implant. If both nerves were spared and you are actually getting erections, I would not recommend an implant.

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Sensible advice!

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Handdrummer777 in reply to Blue1968

I agree that if you're experiencing great erections, go get a terrific sex therapist who can help you work through the confidence issues and whatever else is blocking you.

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Hello i had the implant earlier this year .I was comparatively young and viagra didnt work i also tried the dreaded injection in to the penis .My wife left me because i couldnt get an erection and the guy she left me for was quite happy to go around telling people about my issues ,My urolagist suggested the implant and offered me a referral for it ,

Six months down the line the small amount of scaring has healed and life couldnt be better you do still get a bit of an ache but no more .Do not hesitate you loose a bit of length but thats all it takes 10 seconds to pump up and its up for the day .Your confidence will be sky high .

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