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A Question for Trimix user


After using Trimix, do you take longer to "Cum". The comparison would be between before your ED and between now and when you were using Viagra or Cialis.

Are you able to go a second time after the first cum on just one shot of Trimix

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Yes. Sometimes never get there. It's easier to come with the temporary hardon I can get by masturbating without TriMix. Never went for a second. The first takes some work and more gets uncomfortable.

Are you saying that with "Trimix", sometimes, you do not end up ejaculating? That could be troubling because that would mean two things : One has to go on endlessly, which makes no sense, plus sex is about "Cumming" and ejaculating - without that, sex is no fun.

Yes. Sometimes my partner finishes and I don't feel like I'm getting close. Things just naturally come to a finish. For me, sex is about more than cumming. Still feels great even without cumming. I had RP so when I cum it's dry anyway. I do miss the "mess" more than I thought I would but my partner "shares."

Having an orgasm is more difficult, but it's the journey that's fun for me. Don't know why anyone would think one and done is the best. Hey, we got this crappy condition., why not use the extended erection to the max. My wife and I usually have great sex for 1.5 to 2 hrs, yes with some breaks, especially after some intense sex. I usually can "cum" twice, My wife, about 30... and no mine are not as intense as before my RP. I think because the head of my penis is not as full of blood as a natural erection. I use bimix, trimix was too painful. Hoping one day I'll have the natural erections back, but either way, Enjoy guys!

I have been using Tri-mix for about ten years. It has no impact on my ejaculation timing. But by nature, I have always been what one might call a long distance runner in that regard. And yes, the Tri-mix allows me to keep going like the energizer bunny. Good stuff!

First off, you display a rare amount of ignorance. Also the right spelling is "Supplement" and not " suppliments". Secondly ED has nothing to do with "Dairy" (you spelt it is "Diary" - which is used to write a journal)

ED has nothing to do with "protein". ED is caused by "nerve damage", a side effect of high blood sugar. Other reasons are "High blood pressure", "High cholesterol", heart trouble, excessive alcohol and smoking.

Please get your facts right - don't mislead people on this forum. Thanks.

I'm not sure where humiliating people is what this forum is about.

Yes, it takes longer but it is somewhat dose dependent. When I got the dose to where I got to 95% firmness orgasms would not be difficult to achieve nor are they premature, making for nice love sessions of 20 minutes or so after foreplay. At 74, and having no prostate, once is enough. My wife and I have dates every week.

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