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Anyone used Viberect. I came across a guy this week that told me it has helped him together with cialis and a pump to have penetrative sex. Just looking for any information or experience anyone has.

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I know several men who have tried gainswave. Is that similar to viberect?


I have no idea, never heard of it. Viberect is a male vibrator shaped like I hair straightener that goes over the head of the penis and stimulates it. Did the gainswave do them any good?


Two said it helped for awhile. The third thinks it's bs and it didn't help him at all.

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Interesting. I have not heard of it.


Yes I bought it after suffering from ED after contracting TB Meningitis whilst working in Sri Lanka. I lost all sensitivity in my penis but the Viberect has helped stimulate the nerves and improved my ability to climax during sex.

However I believe the manufacturer has stopped producing them now


Thank you for your reply. That explains why I have found it hard to buy one. Found a seller on Amazon but waiting for them to supply it.


Good luck. Maybe worth googling if there’s a similar product available from other manufacturers?


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