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I'm 19, please help

Hey everyone, I am 19 and I cannot get an erection hard enough for sex. Even when I masterbate, I cannot get as hard as I used to. I don't know what to do and this is really fucking up my life. I'm seriously depressed and I have horrible anxiety. Please help me.

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Hey Bud, easy to say but try not to over think it, I’ve had the same recently and more I stressed about it worse it got. Do you get good morning erections? Are you on any meds? It’s a strange situation at your age so probably psychological more than physical I would think.


I definitely would go see a doctor.I have had the same thing when I was younger.I couldn't get an erection and was very upset.I went to the doctor and he said it was my depression and try to calm down and relax and it would happen.

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Sorry to hear about your problem getting an erection which is satisfactory for intercourse.

I would suggest making and APPT with a Urologist who specializes in the treatment of Erectlile Dysfunction (ED) and discuss your history with him.

Also, I would highly recommend visiting the ColoplastMensHealth.com Website and watching Colin's inspirational Video about correcting his ED. He is in his mid-20s now!!

On a personal note, I developed ED Post-Prostatectomy and was implanted with the Coloplast Titan IPP (Inflatable Penile Prosthesis) in 2007. This completely corrected my ED and restored my "Manhood".

Hope this information is helpful to you.

Best of Luck,



Hey , sorry to hear about this - the guys are right - its a viscous circle, the more you stress over it - the worse it will be . There is no simple answer, consider your diet , excercise, stress, medication & go to doctors or sexual health clinic , hopefully your partner is supportive, try different things sexually too & the erection may come, good luck

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Have you watched a lot of porn? You have probably tightened up the connective tissue / fascia in your groin and hips

I wrote this blog on how I recovered



That's when the pills enter the scene. Of course, visit a doctor first but I'm pretty sure he will prescribe you either Viagra or Cialis. If he'll leave it up to you go for Cialis. There's no hangover after it and one pill will make you ready to go for the next 36 hours. Here's an additional info cialisprix.net/le-cialis-bl... Hope it'll help you, man. Don't sulk over it.


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Hey Adverse1,

I feel the same problem as you. So, Nevermind, as i give some tips, will help you get harder erections while having a nice time with your lover. You could also consult with your doctor if none of these methods works for you.

Try out some of the tips mentioned below for a harder erection, and you will thank me later.

1 Abstain from penis shrinkers

2 Lose the belly fat

3 Get some proper sleep

4 Eat berries

5 Reduce stress levels

6 Consume more dark chocolate

7 Do pelvic floor exercise

8 Watch your medication

9 Withholding ejaculating


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