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ED but not sure what caused it

im 31 years old have been sexually active until about 2 years ago when suddenly i realised my errection was near flaccid - i thought it was tiredness but the problem persisted... had some pain in my right testicle... got this checked no risk of cancer ... had all the tests for STDs was all clear. It appeared that there was a slight slant and mild curve to the penis doctor did not conclude it was pyronnies disease. Since then i was prescribed viagra and was able to get a really strong errection but without the drug its difficult. As soon as i get an errection i cannot maintain it on top of this i ejaculate within moments .

Any advice or suggestions ?

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Are you located in or near a city with a mens sexual health clinic? If possible I would recommend seeing Dr. Alukul at NYU Langone in NYC or one of his counterparts at Sloan Kettering. You are much too young not to explore this with a doctor who specializes in men's sexual health. Most GPs and many urologists don't know enough to be of much use in this specific area.


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