I Am 76 years old, I was diagnosed with PCa, April 2016. My PSA was 5.83 and biopsy was 4+3=7. I am currently on active surveillance.

My libido has not left me, however, I have seen a decline over the years, at age 76 one can expect that. I have read, and been told maintain, and getting an erection reveals a lot about your general health. I still have morning erections, and I still have erections and a normal amount of semen at ejaculation for a 76 year old.

I am concerned about the "wait and watch" with my PCa , My thoughts it could spread out side the vessel. I was wondering if my libido could be a good indicator that My PCa is not aggressive and Active Surveillance is the right treatment.

Comments welcomed!

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  • Lack of libido may indicate diminished testosterone. And less testosterone "might" suggest you are in good shape. A better answer, though, is to check with your doctor or consultant. A 4+3 Gleason score is indeed significant at any age. For you, Active Surveillance means quarterly blood tests and probably an annual or biannual MRI.

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