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Do disabled people qualify for the covid vaccine yet?

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I have noticed that the website that lets people register for the vaccine only allowed health workers register in phase 1. In phase 2 it only let's over 60 year olds register. My brother (age 32) and I (age 34) have already received our first dose on Tuesday 25 May 2021. But the reason behind this is because we work at a center called Yonder in Kimberley and they had arranged for us to receive the vaccine. I really don't know how Yonder managed to arrange the vaccine, but they did. Yonder is a center for mentally/intellectually disabled adults. I presume that other centers across the country are also having their residents/workers vaccinated for covid. But what about disabled people that don't stay or work at any center? Do they have to wait until the next phase of the vaccine rollout plan?

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