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Epilepsy conditions

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Morning, I am epileptic and I it all started when I was 17yrs old even my parents didn't know the cause of and I have done all the tests I have seen neurologists for 20yrs done EEG and the CT-scan and I'm told that all is normal they can't really pin point the cause of my condition, can anyone help so.that I can really understand more regarding this

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Interestingly, between 75 and 80% of epilepsy diagnoses are "idiopathic", i.e. it is not possible to pinpoint the cause. This is very unlike symptomatic epilepsy where the cause is clear, e.g. head trauma, genetic factors or birth complications.

If you have specific questions, please email info@epilepsy.org.za and we can make information available from our electronic library.

Remember that it is far more important to manage your condition well going forward than looking back at why it happened. I know this can be frustrating.

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Thank you

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