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Walk With The Baron For Brain Injury

I have an idea to put to you that I've been mulling over for a while.

I'm thinking of putting together an 'event' one day next year.

'Walk With The Baron'.

Myself and my wife walk, often. Next Spring or Summer we are going to walk a marathon. Now the plan is to do it with sponsorship for the organisation of your choice. Due to my page, I already have interest from one or two people in other countries just from discussing it without announcing anything at all.

There will be no organised events, as on my own I can't possibly hope to arrange that kind of thing. What it will be is people walking whatever distance they choose, getting sponsored and raising money. I'll obviously be based in Lincoln and a few folk will be joining me, but on a wider scale, people will simply arrange their own walk on the same day, same time.


What do you think, I'm just seeing if there's any interest out there...

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