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Needing encouragement

My older sister Gina has had epilepsy since she was three or four years old. She still lives at home with Mom and Dad, but I have moved to Australia. She needs as much support and encouragement, but our parents are not up to date on treatments, support groups etc.... as they are too busy working to take care of the medical bills and are also starting to get old. We are both now in our 40's. Gina is starving for social interaction and needs to share her frustrations regarding her situation and condition. Things which our parents no longer understand or can properly deal with. Does anyone have any suggestions of a group she can interact when she needs company or a support line she can call when she is really feeling down? She doesn't have any friends other than family members and is very social, caring and loves people. Unfortunately, I'm too far away to always be there for her. Do you have advice for the both of us?

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I firmly understand your plea for help as far as Gina is concerned.I also suffer from Epilepsy and have been on chronic medication since my teens.I run a support group for mental health issues.It is in Cape Town.Where about does Gina live?


Hello - thanks for the response. She is in Jhb in Edenvale. Seems like there is more support happening in Cape Town but any information will be so helpful.


Really a pity.Msybe if you contact the Epilepsy Association in Joburg they can help you

Sorry, but if would like to speak to me, my no is 083 703 3112


Thank you so much for the support. That means a lot to me and may just take you up on that call. Have a great day.


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