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Have epilepsy and need help for a residence.

Hello, I am living in Cape Town at the moment and looking for a residence myself as I have epilepsy and my parents are late and I cannot live on my own due to my condition. I am medically boarded so I do have a monthly income as well as own medical aid. I am 42yrs old. Please help me with finding residence in The Western Cape. I am quiet able to take care of myself physically and am also involved in volunteer work.

I have been trying really hard so I do hope I can get some help from you.

Thank you. Saloshini Chetty

My email address is : Saloshinic@gmail.com

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I live in Constantia in cape Town and would like to give you some support with your condition y name is Mary Kelly y no is 0837033112.

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Hello Mary, thank you so much for your offer to help dear. I'm still searching really hard for a residence for myself. I just got another horrible message from the epilepsy association telling me they don't help people personally. I'm too lucky to have a monthly income and medical aid, but they concentrate on helping those out on the street:-( Please keep me in my mind for a nursing home. I can go up to R6000 per month and I have my own medical aid. Something I worked hard for as well. But even there they say I'm too lucky as all others with epilepsy are poor and out on the streets:-(


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