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Hi all,

My cousin just moved in with me, he suffers from epilepsy (18 years old). Since he moved in with me, he had one seizure. What should I know? Any online resources that wont require a rocket science degree...Thanks

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Hi AlbertCPT,

I have had epilepsy for 42 years now. It appears you may be based in Cape Town from the CPT? If so, I am in Kwazulu Natal. I am also a member of Epilepsy South Africa.

You are welcome to contact me via email for more advice if based in South Africa.

My email address is: lesmal@mweb.co.za




Hi - Aside from my career as a senior engineer, I am Vice National Chairperson for Epilepsy SA. I have had Epilepsy for 44 years and have gone through all of the issues as a teen and established and ran a Social Support Group for 26 years.

Advice to him: If not already, your cousin needs to have proper diagnosis by a Neurologist so that the medication used treats the type of epilepsy he has rather than just generalized meds. from say a clinic. There is a lot he can do to help himself in better managing the condition - in this I don't mean only taking medication i.e. identifying what triggers his seizures, so that he can alter his lifestyle to work with it. Stress & Subconscious Stress relief, etc.

Epilepsy South Africa have a lot of useful documentation on their web site - easy to read and diagrammatic. epilepsysa.co.za.

I have a lot of information too - medical, psychosocial, those affected, etc. but I would need to write a book, for which I do not have time. I and am open to you or your cousin phoning me for advice or I am also happy to meet if you are in the Cape Town area.

My phone number is 082 925 0404.


Tim de Villiers

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epilepsy.org.uk Also go on line and google Epilepsy SA. Surely you will have a basic understanding of this.


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