I have epilepsy since I was 15

I have epilepsy since I was 15

I was diagnosed with epilepsy after I was sexually abused, I also found out I was pregnant shortly after that. I went full term with him and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. my epilepsy has worsened as I only had seizures at night they have now moved to when im awake as well. I couldn't finish High school or go to college. and today I am happily married and my husband and I share Five kids but I still cant get a job. I would love to go back and get my high school and also go to beauty school

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  • Sharing five children alone is enough to add to heavy daily expenses, costs and more... Many of us survive on only one salary... I have been seeking employment for at least 7 years, but have a husband who is employed. We have no children which helps. We manage to budget and survive, and I have now had epilepsy for 40 years.

  • Yes i decided not to get any children because of my epileptic condition, and my husband to be also got a skin problem, so we both made a wise decision. We are very happy and live happy and enjoy life as much as possible, and we also help out other people alot. Good luck kellymwah with all the challenges that comes your way

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