Hearing goes funny before a seizure

Hi, having had 4 seizures so far this year its all fairly new to me, but wondered if anyone else's hearing goes funny before going into a seizure. My hearing goes distant and a bit distorted if I'm watching something on tv its like its in slow motion or if someone is talking its like I can see their lips moving but whats coming out isn't in time, I usually then go into a full on tonic clonic seizure. I just wondered if anyone else experience this?



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  • Hi Bev, I've had epilepsy for 7 and a half yrs and I get a feeling in my chest and hear like an air bubbles sound in my ears and like you explained that then affects my hearing and people's lips aren't in time with their speaking and their voices or the tv are high pitched and squeaky and then I will either have an absent seizure or a tonic clonic fit. I have more absent seizures than I do fits but I get the bubbly feeling and sound in my ears a lot and sometimes if I can concentrate and bloke out other sounds and clench my fists and really concentrate it drifts off and I don't seizure or fit but this happens rarely. I hope your ok. Take care, Janine X

  • Hi, do you mind me asking what medication you take and do you feel its been effective in the 7 years you've had epilepsy? Interested as I feel what i've been taking for a year now hasn't really had any effect as i'm now having absent seizures as well as the tonic clonic, have now been introduced to a new tablet alongside what I was already taking so can only wait and see what happens. But would like to find out what others have found most effective for absent and tonic clonic. Thanks


  • Hi Bev, no of course I don't mind you asking. I've been told by the doctor a while back that I've tried them all but there is a new one I was told about at my last hospital appointment but I was reluctant to try because of how much the others had affected me. I'm currently taking epilim chrono 300mg twice a day which is a very low dose and 5mg of clobazam twice a day. I also have to take 6 calcium tablets and 1 folic acid daily. The epilim chrono is the only medication I have had that I can do the fist clenching and deep concentration and the aura drifts away. I was put on clobazam after surgery by the hospital doctor not my neurologist and I was told by her I should never have been put on this as it's highly addictive to your body and works well but only for a short time and that was in October 2015 and I've been taking it ever since as my neurologist feels taking me off will make my seizures worse. I hope you ok

    Take care

    Janine X

  • Hello Bev

    Epilepsy is individual to each person who has it, and the way a seizure affects a person depends on the part of the brain it happens in. We hear of people experiencing a wide range of symptoms, including difficulty processing information from their senses. This can include hearing. Our seizures explained information tells you more about this: epilepsy.org.uk/info/seizur...


    Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

  • Bev

    I have epilepsy it's like an electric shock, what they call an aura, my muscles tense up, I can run upstairs , I know I'm going to have a seizure, so run up to the bedroom, either have a seizure or if I can rest and get to sleep, i usually have a seizure. Bite my tongue and sore head, sleep for about an hour fine afterwards! My seizures are caused by stress, retired now, less tension in turn less seizures. Everyone's different, different symptoms?

    all the best


  • Yes seizures have ruined my hearing for me, I have tinnitus now and sometimes it is unbearable and keeps me awake at night and I struggle to hear the tv or sometimes people talking to me this also adds to my forgetfulness.

    My hearing is affected after a seizure not before or during. The tinnitus is permanent now however.

  • Hi bev I too have tonic clonic seizures and I wonder if you ever get any warning before ?I don't and will never go out on my own for that reason.Luckily I have plenty of family who accompany me so I get out quite a lot.As for my hearing well its been bad for quite a while so I don't think its because of my seisures.


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