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Long term Lamictal side effects!

I was put onto Epilim on December 2013, after the wild 'electric shock' episodes I was having with Lamictal, which would happen just before I went to sleep, it did not hurt at the time, and the severity would seemingly be random. Sometimes being thrown out of the bed, even twice in one night! A large bright flash inside the head, which was not painful, but then now awake, my heart rate would now be very high, rather groggy by the experience, dull pain on the left side of the head beside left eye and vein down to the neck on the left hand side, eyesight especially left eye affected, balance when getting up very bad, light headed, still after half hour slight dull pain on left side of head still there but lessened. I did not have any more of these 'shocks'. I was on Epilim for three years, taken off because of Parkinson's disease, side effects, [shaking], and then onto Fycompa, [all this time still being partnered with the Lamictal], which I was taken off September 2017, because of bad side effects, of Fycompa, now just on Lamictal, then again I had one of these 'electric shock' episodes. Even two days later the left hand side of my face especially just above my left eye was slightly numb. I am now currently in the process of being nurtured onto Vimpat until February 2018. Yes I did have what they call the 'classic' stroke in March 2008.

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I’ve been on Lamictal for many years and not experienced any significant side effects like that. I think you should report these episodes to your clinician when you next see them as they may be part of your condition rather than any drug side effect.


I think in retrospect you are right, although there must be something important, that these 'electric shock' episodes happened whilst just on Lamictal, then for three years on Epilim with Lamictal, and one year with Fycompa with Lamictal, then only on Lamictal on it's own for a month then having another 'electric shock' episode in that month. Currently in the process of transferring to Vimpat That one 'electric shock' moment, has proved indeed to have been a minor stroke, since last Monday, a week, numbness on left hand of face, blurred vision in left eye, pain on left hand side of brain, slurred speech [classical stroke effects!]. Ironic I was setting up for an appeal for PIP, I now do not think I will have any worry getting that now?

I always found that Lamictal did not help with my sleep, other than that and my 'electric shock' moments, it was ok!


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