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Short term memory loss

Hi all. I have lobe temporal epilepsy with short temp memory loss. I have epilepsy since the age of 7. It is a perminent condition. I am at the age of 30 now. I have two lovely children. And am blessed that they don't have any health problems. I am married too.

I did not finish school. Beacause of my health condition. Never worked before. I tent to forget things easily and it happends on daily basis. At any minute as time goes. My mind works faster than body and then again it seems to switch like body is awake and mind asleep.

My hands shakes alot. Am always nerves. And have a lazy squint eye that can't keep still, it always moving. The doctor said it has to do with my brain that is why it cant keep still. I have it really tough with people to understand me. Is like they know exactly whats wrong with me but tent to forget what im going through then say i am faking my condition. I don't have friends cause i just want to avoid explaìning myself at all times when things seems wrong for them with me when i go in a trans for a min or so.

My family are my friends and i intend to keep that way. I love to do things thats much easier for me on having to control condition.

I am on epilim and tegrotol. I was on disibilty grant since the age of 18 up until the age of 27 when the social grant doctor took it away just beacause my doctors report stating that i should get disibilty grant is old, and the fact that i am married and have kids. That is why i dont get grant anymore. So i am now 3 years without disibiĺty grant. It is tough not having to drive or work. It frustates me.

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Everything you speak of here is typical of epilepsy and all that goes with it.

You would be best seeing your neurologist again to get your epilepsy reassessed. Likewise take your love ones with you on your visit to your neurologist

As for the PIP I suggest that you ring Epilepsy Action and ask them for their telephone number which is:

0808 800 5050


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Hi seen your post yeah it's hard I was just saying yesterday some of the stuff I've been told to do to help deal with epilepsy at my Husbands Dr's appointment he suffers with depression and anxiety so the dr was explaining how to deal with things like the demon and day to day I've been epileptic for 30 years and I mentioned how I cope in a fun loving way and the dr agreed that I have a great way to teach as I have the experience of dealing with demons in the head as I pointed out I've been trying to keep my own epileptic demon in his cage all this time it's got to the point after I have a fit I'm like a stand up comic and normally I have trouble telling a bad joke.

I only have one friend it's a price we pay but the friendship we make are true like gold it's just hard to find gold in today's world.

I started crochet six months ago to help me and I've made lots of stuff for my home and family that would normally cost the earth.

If like me you get days where you forget things write them down in a dairy and on a message board so you can't forget it and I find in sight in mind works

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When i get over excited its like i am struggling to speak. At sòme words i slurp abit and get nervous at the same time when talking. Sometimes i feel abit embaressed about it but learned in the long run that its ok i know what the situation is so theres no need to suffercate myself over my illness. I

So yes i somehow i can relate to your situation.


All you need to do is not worry about what others think and enjoy your life to the best it can be everyone who has a medical condition is very strong

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Hi Simine

It’s good you have had some encouraging messages from others in this community.

I’d like to make you aware of our information on epilepsy and wellbeing that could be of help to you. You may also find our online Epilepsy and You course helpful.



If you would like to meet others with epilepsy, we have Coffee and Chats groups set up all across the country. These give people the chance to meet each other in ordinary venues like cafes, tea rooms and coffee shops. They offer a relaxed way to meet new people, share experiences and get information on how to learn more about epilepsy.

You can see if there is a coffee and chat in your area on our website or please phone our helpline team on freephone 0808 800 5050. Our helpline is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am until 5.30pm.





Action Helpline Team


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