Is more concerned than my GP about the meds I am being prescribed.

I have had doubts since last Sept when I was taken off my pain meds and given sertraline instead, I wasn't happy with this and they make me feel really ill I didn't feel any benefits so I told my gp I wasn't taking them again.

We tried the counselling path which didn't work as they wanted me to get myself to a place 10 miles away using public transport and I would be alone.....brilliant seeing as I am too afraid to leave the house!

So he put me back on the sertraline which doesn't react well to my epilepsy meds and has a side effect.....can cause seizures.

I went along to the chemist to pick up my meds he took me into a private consultation room and told me he didn't think it was a good idea I take sertraline and gave me a full on lecture about it, I told him it wasn't me who had decided this and even my neurologist has given the thumbs up.

So I left with him telling me I should see the doc again about it all, I however have decided not to bother and also stop taking the sertraline.

They give me more meds that simply make me even more ill. I feel like they have simply sent me away to get rid of the problem

Rant over


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  • Hi abra_cadabra

    That sounds like a really frustrating situation for you. I can understand you probably feel fed up with medical professionals after being told one thing by your doctor and something different by the pharmacist!

    The pharmacist may have said what they did because sertraline is a type of anti-depressant that doctors are supposed to treat with caution when prescribing to people with epilepsy. This doesn’t mean it should never be used, but the advice says it should be discontinued if your seizures get worse when taking it.

    I don’t know what epilepsy medicine you take, but sertraline can interact with an epilepsy medicine called phenytoin. Again this doesn’t always mean that they shouldn’t be prescribed together. Sometimes a doctor might still decide that sertraline is the best option after weighing up the benefits and risks of taking it.

    I can understand you don’t want to take anything that makes you ill. But if you talk to your doctor again they may be able to either reassure you about taking the sertraline, or be able to suggest a different medicine.

    Best wishes


    Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

  • thanks Grace, yes I am seeing my doc next week my partner is going with me so he can explain what happens to me from his side of things.

    hopefully I will get sorted

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