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Strobe lighting and blacking out


We have just been to the local fair and my son and I were in a ride, fast and loud. They turned the lights out towards the end and put in strobe lighting and a smoke machine. My son was singing, cheering and giggling. Next thing I know he went limp and his head went off to one side. I shouted his name, shook his arm (wasn't sure if he was pulling my leg) then after a couple of seconds he came back and didn't know anything had happened. He has never had anything like this before and is a fit and healthy 9 year old. Should I be worried, get him booked in to see the doctor etc?

Thanks in advance


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Flashing as to strobing lights can cause a seizure to anyone at any time. To be safe it may be best to take him to a doctor to be certain. How many times has he been on such a ride before the issue took place? Sounds like he also blacked out which many times results in there being no memory of it happening. As to there being some muscles tension and shaking.


Thank you, I will book him in. There weren't any muscle shaking that I noticed. It was the 1st and only time he has been on such a ride.


Good to know no muscle shaking took place and to know you will set an appt. Praying all is well 🙏🏻


Thank you so much


Hi bernies001 I have photosensitive epilepsy and I only found out roughly 3 months ago as that is when I had an eeg test which included the flashing light test, my reaction to the lights was my body making strong jerking movements even though I was fully awake and felt okay but I couldn't speak when its happening.

There are seizures where you don't shake and you are suddenly flat out, did he make any noise before he went limp? or raise his arm?

Is he aware of anything happening at all?

Did he feel and act as he normally would the rest of the day?

See the doctor, it could be too much excitement for him and he fainted but its best to check.

Penys x


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