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Have a suspicion but not sure sounds like fits

Hi all, I've not long ago had a operation on my lung ( you might have seen me on the asthma site) well my husband and friend have started to notice that when I have bad days due to pain so I'm not sleeping as I should and grab a nap in the day when my husband says to me he is off out i acknowledge him and I'm awake but when he comes back and I am awake I ask him why he didn't wake me up? This is met with confusion and nobody thought epileptic fit as I'm a grand mal type but this is happening when I'm asleep and sounds like the petti mals I use to have as a child so I looked up sleeping fits and found that there is such a thing but I'm not sure if this new one is because of the pain from recovery that's keeping me up most nights or have my epilepsy grown and developed a new form? I do know that I need to talk to my husband and friend in more detail and once I have a fuller picture get my Dr's attention over this so that I can be checked by a consultant and possibly have the e.e.g test done again to see what is going on inside my head but has anyone else ever heard of something like this happening and is it common? It's the only thing that I can think of that makes any sense and explains why I feel the way I do.

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I have the same thing. I can have a conversation with a person when they wake me up and not remember anything of it in the morning/ My daughter used to call it "spooky night mama"

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Well my friend claims I'm beyond mad and my husband just looks and is like umm what the i just find it funny and knowing I'm not alone makes it more fun definitely not a dull life having epilepsy lol just new ways to wind up the family and Dr's


Hi Wintersbite

It sounds like you are very much on the right track. Lack of sleep is quite a common seizure trigger. It is certainly possible to have different seizure types in your sleep. And it is also possible to start with a different form of epilepsy.

One extra suggestion is to check which pain killers you were taking and whether they could have interacted with your epilepsy medicine. A pharmacist is often a good person to check this with.

What your friend and husband can tell you about what has been happening will be very useful to tell a neurologist. So getting the GP to refer you back to your neurologist definitely sounds like the way to go.

I hope you get some answers soon.


Advice and Information Team


Hi cherry,

The painkillers I am on is morphine which I am have a script for as I suffer with spinal damage since early 2015 and it hasn't been a problem with my epilepsy but the hospital gave me a tablet called carbocisteine which has been affecting me


The spinal damage sound painful. Hopefully your chemist can confirm your other medicines are ok for you.



Advice and Information Team


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