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Forgetting to eat when out

Hi all has anyone else had this problem that they forget to eat until thay come home?

I have a medical dog who I walk every day unless I'm not well I have my meds and take the dog out around 10am meet up with friends and can be out until 4pm I don't eat breakfast but when I'm out i just forget I think it's because I'm enjoying my day, too busy or so into what I'm doing that I just don't think about it I remember when I get home it's like oops I haven't eaten today better eat but I don't always feel hungry when I noticed.

This is every time I go out not just sometimes is it just me or is it a epilepsy memory problem? I know I'm probably in trouble with my Dr's over this but I can't help my bird brain.

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I don't know if you have a a smartphone but if you have you have you or someone else can set alarms on it. Once this has been done your alarms will simply begin to ring each day at the designated times.

Otherwise you can go into Amazon and buy a medication alarm made specifically for this purpose. This alarm can be carried with you.

I hope that this helps you.



I was just wondering what seizure medications you are taking. I take one medication which completely takes away my appetite. I might eat breakfast when i first get up, but after that I often dont even think about eating again until in the evening. Sometimes even then i dont feel hungry... I just have to make myself eat!


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