Hi I'm here trying To find some answers

I'm sure I've been having a form of seizure every now and then. They present in what I would describe as absence. I'm froze and have no ability to move or speak. My eyes fixate. I can hear but unable to communicate at the time. I get ridgid limbs. I have seen a neurologist and they mentioned migraine. I don't believe it is.

Any advice please

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  • I have just answered your first question for you. Now I see that you have asked another question. In this one you do not mention migraine which is an entirely different question. It would be advisable if you tell us exactly who referred you to a neurologist. The tests that the neurologist did or not give. The findings. What medications if any that you are on and exactly what they are for

  • I had a computer shut down I do apologise. On both neurologist has mentioned migraine. And restless leg syndrome. I have not or would not say I suffer with either.

  • Then if that is the case I would advise you to go back to your GP and explain your thoughts and concerns

    Here's wishing you well

  • I am going tomorrow. Thanks

  • Do you drink alcohol? My son has a seisure everytime he quits drinking alcohol. If you drink, be sure your doctor knows that and see if it has anything to do with it. The doc has been able to find meds to help him quit drinking and not have a seisure. Good luck ..

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