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did I have a seizure

hi I I was on a 2week bender drinking loads of beer vodka whisky wine everything really and wasn't really eating during that time after the 2weeks I started to stop drinking when twice in a week my hand started to cram and twist behind my bank when I passed out shouting for help was it a seizure I had ive never had any history of seizures or anything of that kind my EEG came back clear I wasn't put under kind of medicines the doctor told me it could have been because I wasn't eating and it was because I had low electros and that caused the cramping and passing out I was also using cocaine during the 2 weeks how ever I had done this loads of times before most weekends not for 2weeks tho I haven't really drunk in 1year and 2 months now and noting else has happened isit likely to happen again if I go out and drink with my mates on a night out or not?

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I suspect that your best course of action would be to follow any and all advice the doctor gave you at the time and maybe check with him first before taking part in any drinking or use of illegal substances (something nobody can condone). I would think only a very few if any on this site will have experience of the combination of alcohol and substance abuse that caused your issues.

On a personal level, if it was me, I would leave both the alcohol and the cocaine well alone. I have never used illegal drugs but did at one time (a long time ago 35-40 years) abuse alcohol and although never an alcoholic I have seen first hand the damage it can do so leave it well alone now.

Please don't think I am judging you, because I am not, I don't know you personally or what your circumstances are and so it would be very wrong of me to do that but the suggestion above still stands.



People have funny turns and symptoms for lots of reasons, including some of the things you mention. We don’t have information about cocaine, but you might find our information about alcohol and seizures interesting: epilepsy.org.uk/info/alcohol

We are not medical people, but your doctor might be able to advise you further.


Diane Wallace

Advice and Information Team


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