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Can adhesions show on an MRI or CT Scan? And Do you get discomfort when needing to pass urine?

I wonder if anyone can help me, I had an operation 7 weeks ago to remove a large lump of endometriosis that was causing me sharp, raw pains on the right hand side of abdomen/pelvis. This was discovered when I had an MRI scan and then a biospy. Another larger lump was also found when I had a CT scan however they left this as they didn't think it was causing me pain at the time!! However since the operation I have had excruciating pain - abdomen, pelvis, lower back, hips and legs - at times making it very difficult to walk. I have been back to see my consultant and he has referred me to a Gynae as he was a general surgeon. It is possible that the larger lump (although higher in my abdomen) is now causing the pain and may possibly be endo as well, however I am still getting a lot of pain in my right hand side pelvis and they think it is likely that I have endo deeper down (as previous lump was taken out as open surgery (but they didn't go deep enough or hunt around for more).

I wanted to ask if anyone gets more pain or discomfort when their bladder is full and they need to pass urine? This seems to give me a dull throb in my right hand side pelvis and I wondered if it is possible that I may have endo on or near my bladder? Also when I had my MRI and CT scans they showed the lumps of endo but no one mentioned any adhesions. would these show up on these types of scans? I know endo doesn't unless it has formed into a lump. Thanks in advance for your help, I have found this website so supportive and informative! I am due to have a lap soon but wanted to ask your opinions first. I seem to have different excruciating pains a week before my period and over it and then once this finishes I have pain on a daily basis but to no where near the degree of prior to my period or during it. Do other people notice that their pains change - either location or degree of pain throughout the month?


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Hi, sorry to hear you have a lot of pain at the moment. It does sound like things need further investigation at a future date about the other lump, at the moment the pain could be due to everything trying to settle down after surgery but this should get better as time goes on not worse. The full bladder may be pressing on some endometriosis or have adhesions from endometriosis itself, you should find this out when you have a lap. I have had various inflammotary pains in the pelvic area and am cosidering a ca125 test to see if there is anf pelvic probs still going on after a total hysterectomy.

Wishing you all the best with your lap and please update us to let us know how you got on xx


Hi, I know your post was 8 months ago but I was wondering if you had received an answer?

I also have pain/trouble when urinating. I have horrible pain on my right hand side during and after my period. I had endo removed in 2009 after being diagnosed with stage IV endo. I think this pain is down to endo nodules, but also adhesions.

Hope you managed to get to the bottom if your pain and get it resolved.

Laura x


Hi Laura, yes I did get some answers, I had a lap and they found that I have adenomyosis. That was 3/4 months ago and i've been on Zoldex injections since which have helped enormously. Although i've still had some pain I have not had to take any pain killers as it has just been every now and then and not severe. I see the consultant in Jan to review the situation. If the Zoldex took the pain away then he said that I can have a hysterectomy Feb/March, so that's what I think will happen. Ask your Dr about adenomyosis. I had endo in my abdo wall and had that removed but it turns out that that wasn't causing all the problems the adenomyosis was. Hope you get some answers and aren't in too much pain. X


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