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2 day periods and hormones

Hi everyone just wondered if I could get some advice, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo 4 yrs ago had it long time before that I think only found out I had it through a miscarriage, I had cysts endo stuck my bowel down pouch of Douglas had all endo removed in2009 I have always had heavy periods now the last 3 or months they only last two days still get same pains and clots I'm 36 and on no treatment does anyone else know if this is normal and also if there is any chance anyone knows what u can take before ur period as I suffer terrible mood swings emotions anger any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks ladies x

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If u are concerned i would see ur doc. I would usually get any changes checked out if its not usual. I have heard evening primrose oil is good, havent tried it tho. Google PMS symptoms and maybe there will be info about what u can take to help. Hope this helps a little xx


Hi, I posted on here yesterday, I got my notes from doctor yesterday I have had my lap mid feb- treated endo in pouch of Douglas cyst removed from ovary and coil removed also I have clubbed tubes, I'm 34yrs old. My doctor put me on the pill straight after lap, she wants me to have a period so taken a break due on anytime now!!! She warned me could be heavy and given me co-dydamol and mefenamic acid (tablets) to help with flow of period, google it see if it is something you might benefit from x


Thank u for reply Im reluctant to go to my docs as not very good but they are my only hope I will google for pms worth trying primrose oil,hard to know where to go with endo as very little upstanding medically thank u again x


Ask to see a female doctor who deals with women's health, you might need to book couple of weeks ahead. Ive been very luck as my gp has been bloody brilliant, i also take zinc and a higher dose of vit d as she thought i would benefit from them.

Best of luck



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