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Lap or try to conceive?


My partner and I are planning on trying for another baby. We are planning to start in July. My endo has gotten worse since my daughter has started to self wean from breastfeeding and I'm in pain in my legs, colon, lower back and period pain if my clothes have been too tight or I carry heavy loads for too long.

I wondered if I should push for a lap before trying or if I should go for it and hope for the best? I'm worried that I might end up trying for ages before getting surgery or trying and then having a miscarriage. I was lucky enough to have a lap and then conceive within 6 months with my daughter, but I'm panicking that the age gap is getting too big. I feel very selfish for feeling like this, but people without endo can think this way.I realise how lucky I am to have a daughter.

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if you are not too far from the weaning of baby no.1 then I'd probably try TTC right away, rather than surgery. If only because the adhesions have not really had time to grow too much in the mean time. whereas a surgery now would encourage more adhesions and you'd need recovery time before getting pregnant again.

Having two kiddies closer together in age gap is better than a big gap if possible. Being closer in age they are much easier to handle as they are in to the same types of activities at the same times more or less, whereas the bigger the age gap between, while at first it isn't so noticeable it does become more of an issue as they get older. Good Luck with TTC baby No.2

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