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Should I avoid Quorn products as I read Soya is bad for Endo?


I am a vegetarian & starting the Endo diet. I was diagnosed last August & finally accepted I have it. I felt there was nothing I could do but suffer. But I have become more positive & I want to start looking after myself better. So I am starting the Endo Diet - avoiding all the foods that aggravate Endo. I have found alot on the web but it's quite vague when it comes to Quorn products I would eat alot of Quorn and would like to know if I should avoid it as I read soya is one of the badies?

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Hey, I have endo and I am also lactose intolerant so have very low calcium intake. I drink soya milk quite a lot and find that although it makes me feel heavy if I have too much its generally fine. I also eat bread made with soya milk which I love and find that I don't have any side effects, I think if you motioner your intake and don't go overboard it should be ok. But listen to what your body is telling you, try it and if you don't feel it's right try supplementing it with something else x

As said its not soya based so I see no problem with it but in my experience its best to research the hell out of these things instead of potentially putting yourself through more problems. Personally I avoid soya like the plague, for years I drank soya milk and only ate soya meat not because i was vegetarian but because at the time it was being pushed as such a healthy food (hmm!) and I believe (though obviously will never know) that it largely contributed to my Endo.

Good luck with new eating plan. Take care x

victrola in reply to JulesUK

Jules, so SPOT on!

I understand that this is an older thread but can not hope that the original poster as well as the other two return and read what I am writing very carefully. I am a long-term endo sufferer whose undiagnosed endometriosis came at a very high cost. I lost my left ovary when it was taken over by an orange-sized endometrioma and worst part of surgery turned out to be ungluing my internal organs from each other as they were fused together with years of endo scarring. I manage my disease very well w/o hormone shots (through endo diet) but know that when I stray (as in eating some Quorn goodies) I feel it where it counts and it's not good. Endo diet works and excludes it as it bans gluten, red meat and any animal protein grown with hormones. Bottom line - endometriosis is an auto immune condition - to deal with an aggravated/inflammated/hormone imbalanced organism (our bodies) one must eliminate anything wheat related or even those foods which are cross reactive (i.e. not gluten but mistaken by your body to be it). I can tell you from experience that many of the quorn products are not GF which should immediately be removed from options. Yes, it is unfortunate but there it is. While dealing with gluten avoidance there are other theoretically GF/endo-safe foods which often do not behave this way in some people. Since hormones are passed through our food - stay away from corn (almost impossible to find non-gmo corn), limit quinoa and even sorghum may react in some folks. It's chemistry. Pure and simple. If you think of it as reducing inflammation and hormones the two go hand in hand. Go to youtube, find Dr. Pearlmutter's discussion of his Grain Brain book and look at managing endo as a reduction of inflammation is spelled out. There is also a number of excellent videos from neurologists and others discussing coffee and gluten correlation but the video goes into a much deeper explanation why, even when we are committed to GF/inflammation free life some safe options do not seem to help. As an aside - The thought that anyone with endo would even mention using anything with soy is mortifying to me (i.e. soya milk) unless you don't mind feeding your disease. My guess? No. Soy is one of the biggest frauds and contributors to the endo epidemic in our society. If one is a vegetarian (as I am though I do eat pasture raised chicken eggs, not those corn fed_, one must absolutely add a lot of extra Vitamin B12, Serrapeptase and DIM (to block extra estrogen and evacuate it out of one's body). One can dabble in hobbies but not in our health. Control inflammation, control hormones and add good non-animal fats like EVCO which will make you feel less deprived and calm your body. It's the best you can do to insure a pain-free existence.

Yes ABSOLUTELY! Endo is caused by Estrogen dominance (and low progesterone). Soy and ANYTHING with soy encourages estrogen growth which is not good for endo sufferers. You should try and bring down your estrogen levels and add more progesterone. And I am going to be completely frank: I would avoid synthetic (chemically) made hormones like the pill or hrt which come with so many risks and mess up your bodies natural balance. Look for a doctor who will prescribe you the Bio - identical progesterone which is completely natural and safe. But first make sure you find a doc who will do a blood or saliva test to measure your hormone levels. Then make sure the doc prescribes you the correct amount custom made based on your individual levels. Every woman is different. It's not a one size fits all. Also try and keep your liver clean and eat clean foods that grow out of the ground. And if you eat meat only organic no - added hormones or antibiotics. Maybe more expensive but you can't really put a price on your health can you. Good luck. Read up the research by Dr. JOHN LEE. just google bio identical hormones. P.s. There are loads of it on the over the counter sales. Even though some day they have had good results I would avoid them because it is not custom measured dosage based on your individual bodies needs. And they are only made by compounding pharmacy/chemists who custom make the dosage for you based on the qualified doctors prescription. P.s. The Bio identical hormones come both in cream and pill form. The cream firm is much more successful and although some people rub it onto the skin recent research has discovered that using it as a s a posit or (vaginally) is much more effective.

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