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Is menopause REALLY my only next option???

Went to my go yesterday and after I told her my abdomen was feeling heavy again, the constant pain was still there and the ripping/tearing pinhead returned. Been on Microgynon since November and was diagnosed in January. She told me that she was referring me on to gynae again and that my next treatment option most likely will be placed... WHAT????? I want to come off the pill anyway as it is making me highly strung,emotionally and I lose my temper very easily. I'm to stay on pill until I see specialist... any experience related advice would greatly appreciated. Thanks! X

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Hey it sucks when u get shitty news :( I am also told that i must do the hormone treatment (menopause) to shrink the endo or it wont go away. I have deep rooted endo left and my right ovary is covered and bits all over. I have tried treatment but had terrible side effects so stopped them, but now being referred to a psychiatrist to get help and support for the treatment. Hope u get the answers from ur gynae xx


Good luck hun x

I had an mc and 2 evacuation and a lap in December, I have been in constant pain since even though they burnt some endometriosis off.

Still off work, now having constant battle as nothing helps. I have tried 2 pills since having my son 2011, both sent me even more Nutta like. My anti ds have been increased again and I live on Cocodamol. I've now been told to try for a baby now as when my family is done I can have the lot out!

As much as id like to have another baby asap if as they reminded me I'm lucky to catch again anyway, my husband does not. He flits between never and may be try next year! More pain killers for me then as all the things to help are anti fertility and contain hormones which push me over the edge lol

All I can do is ask to be referred to pain management as not got much other option now.

I have been told the Marian coils may help but that's not for me x x

Grill them to help you babe x x


Thanks for your answers girlies. As for some of the random words in my post, 'placed' was supposed to be Zoladex. The pill is not nice! It is absolute crap, on top of being hormonal already, I fly off the handle at the majority of comments made to me and I pretty much stay out of the way of people so I avoid arguing with them. And to make me and matters worse, several people have commented on "my personality has changed...". What sort of thing is that to tell someone who is already feeling sh*te about yourself already? Anyway, rant over. Anyone know the side effects of Zoladex? Are they they really bad? I can't imagine going through (albeit induced) menopause at 25...


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