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Lap week Thursday, 22nd and scarrrrrred

My lap date has been changed 4 times and just received call from hospital to say I go in a week Thursday, 22nd April and my nerves have gone already. I am having rest of endo (hopefully) (please God let him cut this stupid thing out of me without cutting my ovary or something off)!!! And hopefully fibroids too. Please wish me lots of luck, as I need some luck these days XX

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Meant to be Thursday, 25th not 22nd. X


Good luck, you'll be fine you'll be having a nice sleep while they get rid of all the nasty bits and you'll be on the road to recovery before you know it! I had mine 3 weeks ago and have healed well from op unfortunately they just really looked so I've had no benifit other than knowing what it is so you should recover and feel better soon. Make sure you rest lost and have peppermint drink ready to get rid of gas!!


I was so scared last week when I had my lap. I sat there starring at the door with tears rolling down my face debating whether to get up and walk out or not.

When I was in the anaesthetic room I got on the bed shaking and the lovely staff rubbed my arms and promised they would look after me. They gave me an injection into my hand as we were talking and then the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and they were looking at me and said it was all done!

Now I won't be scared like that again when I have to have another one because it really wasn't bad at all :)

The bad thing was the shoulder pain afterwards! And as Lilyflower said, pepperpint will be ur saviour in easing the pain!

Take care x


Thanks for your reply's they are comfort to me. I am a little easier today but it is only early as yet (lol). X


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