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I had my second laparoscopy on Saturday and there was a lot of endo found all over and a little of my womb was squashed. It's now Monday and I'm still in lots of pain and finding it hard to move. The biggest problem is, when I'm lying down then change sides I feel something move inside, as if an organ is falling to the side I'm lying on. Has anyone ever felt like that?

Hope that makes sense, wasn't sure how to word it.

Thank you xx

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  • Hi there

    Its still way too early after your lap and its very normal to feel like that. The movement you feel inside its because everything is still healing and because you still have the gas inside that they used during the lap. I think I know the feeling is like a wave towards gravity. Everything moving/floating depending on which side you are.

    It will get better the following days/weeks :) xx

  • I'm three weeks post lap, and I only stopped having that feeling about a week ago, and didn't lay on my side for the first ten days as it just hurt too much, and even when I did start (as always normally sleep on side) I had to turn really carefully - it's only been two days so give yourself time as you will be tender wont you, but if you think it's not right then don't hesitate to call up the hospital - take care and hope you feel well soon xx

  • After my last two laps I found it was easier to sleep propped up and following the last one I had an awful pain for four weeks whenever I sat down on the bed or got in the car; it takes a long time to heal inside.

    Please take it really easy and don't expect to do anything at all for two weeks, best thing is to spend every single afternoon in bed for as long as you can, you'll actually get better quicker the more rest you have.


  • i'm still only managing about 40 mins of being able to walk/stand, when i get to that time i start having labour type pains and bleed, and now today all my pain has come back with avengeance as had my first period today, i never stopped lightly bleeding since lap, i was at the end of my period on the lap day, so have been bleeding for almost 6 weeks in total now and another week or ten days to come, i had an ablation and assumed by now that would've worked, all the endo pain is worse as they didnt remove any as said too much to attempt, i have to consultant today, hopefully will know more - just feel guilty i'm not back to work,but my job means me standing for long hours and i just cannot at the moment - sunshine...hope you are starting to feel better but remember you are very early days so take it easy xx

  • Thank you girls! All so helpful. Hope everyone is well today xxx

  • Thank you girls! All so helpful. Hope everyone is well today xxx

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