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Recent Lap

2 weeks ago I had a lap and they found widespread endometriosis and had to disect some of my bowel away from my abdomen. I have been heavy bleeding with severe cramps for the last 12 days and it won't settle, is this normal after the operation? I'm on naproxen which the doctor has given, but it's not working :( getting seriously annoyed!

Hope you can help!

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Hi - I had no treatment done at my lap as they said there was too much endo and would prob need a hysterectomy, so I can't really say on how you should be feeling with regard to what procedures you've had done, but I will say that just having a lap done will leave you feeling tender and sore, the more work you've had done I would imagine it will take longer to settle done, did you have some guidance notes with your discharge notes? It should tell you what is normal type of pain and how long it will last, and any concerns you should call up the hosp or your gp, if you feel it's not right don't hesitate to call them - take care xx


Nope :( all it said was the treatment I had and I should be back to work in a week. I rang my surgeon today and basically I have to wait another week to see if the bleeding and pain stops, if not I've gotta go back. I'm just sick of waiting aha.

Sorry to hear about your hysterectomy, how are you feeling about havig to have that?



It makes me laugh how it says back to work in a week! I'm three weeks post lap, they did an ablation and sterilised at same time, I think I'm over the op procedures but since the lap I've had the most awful lower left pelvic and lower left back pain and down my leg, it's where the pain always has been and it was always daily but it's much more intense than before and it s constant, I'm putting it down to the fact that they've been in and messed about but not treated my endo, I only drove for the first time last Thursday and it was crucifying, haven't driven since. I have been out and bout but if I stand for more than half hour I have to sit down and then I have a big bleed, haven't stopped bleeding yet since the lap but its light until I've been standing, I can't imagine how I can cope with standing all day at work yet :(

As for the hysterectomy I'm fine with it, im 41 and have children, as long as they remove the endo at the same time, I am a little worried about going into instant menopause and the fact that hrt is a bit of a grey area when you've had/have endo, I have a consultant appointment tomorrow so will hopefully know what's next.

I hope your pain eases, but if its only been two weeks it s still early days, but keep an eye on your symptoms and go back if you feel unhappy, but I know what you mean about the waiting, we seem to spend our lives waiting for some sort of appointment or another xx


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