I was diagnosed with endometriosis a few weeks back when a laporocasphy was performed. However since being diagnosed and discharged from

Hospital I have had no information on what is going to happen next or been referred anywhere. I have visited my local GP who said it was nothing to worry about and just carry on as normal but I am still in server pain and very confused. Has this happened to anyone else?

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you should get a follow up appointment with the gynea consultant, get the gp to chase them....xx

I asked the doctor this and he said he doesn't feel I need too see anyone now. I can just be left xx

Well then he doesn't know anything about endo, call the hospital you were seen at. If they found endo then you need follow up treatment whether that's with the gp or the consultant it doesn't matter, you should not be left!! Wow drs can be complete ****'s grrrrr

Ok then thanks ill do that, just don't think the doctors know what there doing, and because I'm young think they can push me too the bottom of the pile x

Hi I had my lap nearly 2 weeks ago and have received letter from hospital for gyni appointment in May. I was told 6-8 weeks when discharged for my appointment and was suprised the letter arrived so quickly as normally takes weeks. Is phone the gyni receptionist and ask them. My doctor is useless so haven't discussed anything with her just waiting and taking painkillers while I wait to discuss the next step.

It's very possible that they results aren't back yet if it's only a few weeks ago (generally takes 2-3 weeks for lab results to confirm the endo). Your consultant will call you for. Follow up and only advise your GP when the follow up has been done. The consultant is supposed to advise the GP only of the basic information, and won't do the detailed report for them until after the results and follow-up. I think my GP didn't get it until about 6 months after my lap!

With the pain, there isn't much they can do at the moment other than for you to take painkillers. Post-op pain has to be worked through unfortunately and the Dr can maybe prescribe codeine if you haven't already been given it.

Give your consultants secretary a call and see when your next appointment it.

Good luck, and try not to get upset, you aren't being treated any differently because of your age and your GP is right not to do anything for now - it's up to the Consultant to discuss your next options with you x

Oh, I meant to say that if your consultants secretary isn't helpful your GP can chase them up for you, and your GPs receptionist should be able to give you the consultants contact details if you don't have them x

Iv already called my consultants secutary and they said I'm not having any follow up appointment I asked what to do now and they said if I get any pain just see my doctor for painkillers I don't need to go back and see anyone at hospital or my GP x

I had my lap two weeks ago and I have my follow up with consultant next Tuesday, if you've been diagnosed you should have a follow up, but it can be up to two months, ring the hosp and find out, does it not say anything in your discharge notes? Xx

I've rang the hospital and they sai I don't need to go back, on my discharge not it just says no further action required. I had my lap 6 weeks ago xx

You should contact the hospital and ask them if they have arranged for your Post Operative Appointment. Everybody has one to see how the op went and the results, and to talk through the next steps if necessary. x

OK girls, I've had 2 laps and never had a follow up appointment, the consultant came and spoke to me after the op and then I dealt with the gp. Were you given a letter to give the gp or did they say they'd send one? He may not have received that yet. Did you have a mirena coil inserted because if you did then there probably isn't any reason for the consultant to see you.

After my second lap I was told straight after that he didnt think my problem was gynea related although he did fin d a lot of scar tissue. I never saw that consultant again as he retired. I had to request an appointment to see somebody when the treatment for endo really helped my pain.

Go see your gp hun, ask if the endo was removed and what medication he would like you on to prevent re-growth. Big hugs, I know how it feels to be operated on and then just left with no answers. We all should have an after op appointment, unfortunately not all consultants work like that. I'm in chichester west sussex so maybe if you're lose to me it might be a sussex thing for them to cut and run lol xxxx

No didn't have any letter to me and didnt say that they was gonna send one, didnt have a coil fitted they just removed the burst cyst and told me I had endo, iv been too see my go twice now and e said I'm just best left alone. I'm going to contact my GP again too see if he's received any letters or anything, thanks for all your advice :)

The thing is with endo, unless you have an acute problem such as a cyst that's in danger of bursting, or you are actively trying to conceive, it's best left well alone.

There are ways of controlling the pain and other symptoms, but they can't control the endo itself. It will do what it wants and constant interference by way of surgery or hormone treatment when it's not absolutely necessary will make matters worse.

That being said, you should be able to find out what they did see while they were in there. As has been suggested above, your GP might not have had the report yet, but you can always ask your consultant's secretary for that information.

I appreciate that it's all scary and new at the moment and under those circumstances I am surprised that nobody has taken the time to explain things to you. But don't panic. It's not going to kill you, and if the consultant feels that no further action is necessary at this time, you need to be speaking to your GP to find a way of dealing with the pain which suits you.

Good luck

C xxx

when i had my lap, the gyne that performed it told me what he found. I then had to wait 10 weeks to speck to the gyne again, byy which was not the man that performed the lap. this one was a woman. she told me to go on the pilll or the injestion and that was it. my endo is now back again and when i see the nextgyne i need to find out if i have it in my back. xxx

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